La Puerta Giratoria del Poder


La Puerta Giratoria del Poder (The Revolving Door of Power) is an interactive data visualization about executive power in Chile, its connections with the private sector, and its conflicts of interest. This project aims to visually describe the movement of public officials to and from the private sector. It is based on a research conducted by Ciper (Journalism Research Center – Chile) and includes a database of individuals working in sensitive public sector areas since 2010, such as ministers, secretaries, and mayors. The records start in 2000 and are categorized into three sectors: public, private, and NGO/others, and also by areas like finance, health, and communications. The visualization helps detect potential conflicts of interest and shows which areas are more interconnected and thus more exposed to conflicts. The project stopped being updated around 2020. 

A record of the platform can be seen in this video.