SIEDU platform


The SIEDU platform (System of Indicators and Standards for Urban Development) is an interactive website that visualizes the results of a series of 25 indicators defined to evaluate sustainable urban development in the cities and municipalities of Chile. Both the platform and the definition and calculation of the indicators were developed from a consultancy commissioned by the National Urban Development Council to the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. To execute the project, a group of academics and researchers from different schools and faculties of the university was assembled.

This platform aims to communicate what SIEDU is, along with the main results of the report, through various data visualizations. Its main objective is to describe the selected indicators verbally and visually, allowing their comparison with a standard and across different cities and/or municipalities..

This project was a consultancy for DESE UC. Isidora Gonzalez and Karina Hyland collaborated, along with Datacampfire.


 A record of the platform can be seen in the following video