Madame Bovary; Embroidered Punctuation

I’ve been working with ​​translation; how with the same text translated into different languages I could create a new one, playing around with its sound and meaning. what happens to a text, when you pull out all the letters? How is this in French, English or Spanish? How is the structure?

I decided to take everything out and leave only the punctuation and the characters that were exclusive for that language, such as; é, â, ñ,ç,è, etc. This because when I was working with these texts in French and Spanish I had many problems with the encoding. Every time I wrote a program that used one of these languages as input I had to add a different encoding ( coding: latin-1 ) I found this idea it interesting, a computer can onlyrecognize a different language for their special characters.

Once I had the 3 novels only with their punctuation and special characters, I thought different ways to print this new texts out. I wanted them to be an object, to have weight, so I decided that a good option was embroidery. Something so common at the time of Madame Bovary, was the closest to ​​pixels!

I took the first 30 lines of each of the files generated by my program and I put them in an Illustrator file. Then I exported this file as an embroidery file and I put it the embroidery machine and it embroidered page by page.